Fake Cartier Tank Francaise Two Tone Watch

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Cartier is the famous luxury watchmaker that over the years has created some of the most iconic timepieces ever. One of its most recognizable models is the Tank Francaise that emphasizes the brand’s focus on modern design aesthetic and peerless accuracy. Its rich heritage is the result of decades of innovative work, excellent watchmaking skills and unique style.

The picture of the authentic Cartier Tank Francaise Two Tone  clearly shows that the crown is manufactured from yellow gold, has an octagonal shape with rounded easy grip sides and a raised top part set with a synthetic spinel cabochon.


The replica didn’t get this section of the watch correctly as it comes with a hexagonal crown that has angular easy grip sides and is completely manufactured from stainless steel. Its design is more simplistic than the one of the genuine timepiece and the blue cabochon is less raised.


On the black dial replica, the difference between it and the original model is that it only comes with a gray dial instead of a black one like this. Other than that, everything looks into place. For the white one, I think that the numerals, numbers and other markings on the dial should be a bit more pronounced. Also, the sub-dial is slightly bigger than the one on the original. Overall, it looks good.
To determine whether you are dealing with a high quality Cartier replica watch you’ll need to examine the watch carefully in close proximity.

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