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The Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 is among the more decent-priced designs from the luxury watch industry as it only costs about $3000. Still, for many people this may feel like a lot of money for a watch and buying a replica instead of the original could turn out to be a more reasonable thing to do.


In order to know how to spot a bad fake I have selected a replica of the Carrera Calibre 16 with black dial and decided to run a short comparison. So what are the actual differences between this clone watch and the authentic one?
There are of course lots of amazing replica watches out there that this watch stacks up to – the PO fourth version and the 45mm version, the Bentley I mentioned not buying, the IWC Jones & GST, the Navitimers that just came out, just to name-drop a few. They’re all perfect in their own way, shape, and form.


In fact, there are so many great fakes these days, you almost feel like replica buyers are getting a little too snug and comfy in this replica world and forgetting their place .But I like to think that with my review I’m acting as a sort of watch-dog (no pun intended) for the replica houses so they know that someone is taking notes and keeping score regarding the challenges and successes.

The thing is though with the bracelet, it has a totally unusual resizing method – it can be done single-handedly, don’t get me wrong, but you need some clear directions – if you can, see the PDF attached to this post for the resizing procedure and warning. A self-styled engineer provided this document and it will surely help anyone who’s stuck on the wrong size with this beauty.


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